International Migration and Remittances: A Nexus Between Migrants’ and Non Migrants’ Households

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Punjab state occupies rank two in terms of outmigration and remittances in India. Punjab remains the
pioneer state for outmigration to other developed and developing economies. Remittances, the direct
outcome of the international migration and the local development are positively correlated. This work
is a modest attempt to identify and examine the positive impact of the international remittances, if
exists, on the rural household behaviour. We have also compared the similar behaviour between the
remittances receiving and non remittances receiving households. With this aim of the research, primary
survey has been conducted across 385 rural households of Majha, Malwa and Doaba regions of the
state. The results of binary logistic regression supports that these international remittances contribute
to the development of the state in general and that of the rural households in particular. There is improved
nutritional value of food intake, change in the investment pattern for the residential dwellings,
increased enrolment ratios of children in educational institutions and investment in other occupation
opportunities. The empirical evidences also support the higher level of educational attainment, health
status, female empowerment and gender equality across rural households of Punjab state. Hence, these
remittances act as a development strategy for the rural households of the state.
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