Sharlene Chen

Institute:   Humanity Research Consultancy / King's College London

Brief Profile:   Sharlene is an research intern at Humanity research Consultancy, and a student of International Conflict Studies at King’s College London. Her area of interests include migration and social justice, conflict resolution and democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa, eliminating modern slavery, and fostering sustainability at a global level. Sharlene has completed her BA in Sociology from Fu-Jen Catholic University, with major focus on inequality, migrant labour rights and stateless children in Taiwan. Sharlene is currently working on research projects centre on exploring the structural violence against irregular migrants in Europe, and labour rights of female domestic migrants workers in Taiwan. With a dedication to International Politics and Human Rights issues, Sharlene has experiences in working in NGOs, advocacy and policy making in refugee and asylum seeker rights, and writing in regional conflicts and human rights crisis in Asia.

Area of Specialization (keywords):   refugee, asylum seeker, human rights, modern slavery, labour rights, inequality, violence

Contact Address:   Flat 1108, 2 Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15 1FF

E-mail id:   [email protected]

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