Andrew Mendy

Institute:   University of The Gambia

Brief Profile:   Andrew Mendy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with a First Class Upper (Hons) from the University of The Gambia. Andrew's passion, aspiration, and desire for knowledge, as well as for social change and transformation, lead him to actively participate in the advocacy and promotion of peace and human rights through conversation, campaigns, seminars, conferences, and community outreach events. He is a fervent advocate of value-driven education that can be used to solve and promote social progress and growth, in addition to his advocacy and community-led efforts. He is motivated by a strong desire to learn about and understand the global community and trends, which led him to enroll in a six-month online certificate program on Migration Governance and Diaspora Engagement offered by the Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT). Andrew is an academic who believes that education and information have the potential to impact social change and promote democratic Governance.

Area of Specialization (keywords):   Good Governance, Human Rights and Democratization, Migration, and Development.

Contact Address:   Brikama Nyambai, The Gambia

E-mail id:   [email protected]

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