Gender inequalities in the intercultural society

Author Name

Beatriz Fernández Herrero

Author Address

Univertity of Santiago de Compostela Spain


Intercultural society, gender relationships, human rights, interpersonal differences, identity, education


This academic piece of work aims to go beyond the analysis of ethnic and gender inequalities separately –opposite to how these topics have generally been dealt with up to now, according to related official data. Thus this study tries to explain how these two concepts interrelate in order to look for and offer guidelines which could be significant in the development of a theoretical framework from the human rights point of view, and its application to educational practice. In this sense, the concept of identity is used as a connective link between both themes, gender and intercultural society, allowing people to understand how they should live with each other respecting their differences. 


International Conference on "Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture"
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