Change in economy and development in tribal area: A study among the Gaddis of Dharamshala and Bharmour region of Himachal Pradesh

Author Name

Shivanshi Nehria


Gaddis, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


The present study focused on the transhumant Gaddi tribe of tehsil Dharamshala, district Kangra and tehsil Bharmour, district Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh. They did winter and summer migrations with animals kept on shifting the ecological zones. Some of them owned houses in both the districts. It was believed that all Gaddis had migrated from Bharmour at some point of time. But Gaddis at Dharamshala could not recall their ancestry from Bharmour. Gaddis were nomadic shepherds. They hardly met the outer world and always were busy with animals and concerned about the fodder for animals. With the change in time Gaddis evolved and so did their occupation. Very few were left who were in traditional occupation and others settled down on permanent houses in Bharmour and Kangra and started agriculture. In Bharmour Gaddis got engaged with horticulture and tourism business during yatras at Manimahesh. Dharamshala was a famous tourist spot and the Gaddis there relied greatly on tourism. Tourism made females self-employed by small scale business. Many of them are part of administrative services. Gaddis were economically stable. The economic subsistence brought development in their areas. Hydropower projects were built at Bharmour which provide employment to the local Gaddi population. The place had motarable roads, medicine facilities and schools. On the other hand Dharamshals is under the 100 smart cities and developing. The paper highlights the changes that had happened at Gaddis region and benefited them.



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