Call for Papers: Special International Migration Review Issue on South-South Migrations



International Migration Review
Special Issue on South-South Migrations

Guest Editors:

Philippe De Lombaerde, United Nations University
Fei Guo, Macquarie University
Helion Povoa-Neto, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

The International Migration Review requests papers for a special issue on trends, emerging patterns, and analytic and policy issues concerning international migration between and among developing nations and transitional economies in Africa, Asia, South and Latin America, and part of Eastern European nations, or broadly defined ‘south-south migrations.’ The International Migration Review is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal which communicates interdisciplinary and disciplinary social scientific scholarship concerning theoretical, empirical and policy dimensions of international migration and population mobilities.

The goal of the special issue is to communicate scholarship which addresses the most significant and critical analytic issues pertaining the south-south migrations and mobilities. Broad themes which are of interest include: the relevance of current migration theories and social research methods for understanding the nature of transnational processes in south-south migrations and movements; causes and consequences of south-south migration and movements, especially the relationships between migration and regional and national development; characteristics of population movements and migrants in the global south; the implications of process of globalization and global changes for south-south migrations; expectations about patterns of diversity, notably gender, among movements and migrants; the role of technology in south-south migrations and movements; emergence of national, bi- and multi-national policy regimes vis a vis migration and migrants; and emergence of regional convergence or divergence resulted from south-south migrations and movements.

The editors will select papers on the basis of: (1) the quality of scholarship; (2) span of geographic and topical content of the issue; and (3) representation of analytic perspectives and approaches to the study of international migration.

Scholars addressing issues of international migration in the global south are invited to submit full papers to the guest editors of the special issue. Papers should address the goals, significance, approach and findings of the scholarly project and identify the authors and institutional affiliations. Papers should be submitted to editorial offices of the International Migration Review ( by 15 December 2012. Format of papers should follow the general guidelines for submissions to the International Migration Review. Author guidelines can be found at: Additional inquiries regarding the special issue should be made to one or more of the guest editors using the following email addresses:

Philippe De Lombaerde:
Fei Guo:
Helion Povoa-Neto:


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Time and Place:

Date:   Thursday, Jan 17, 2013
Venue:   International Migration Review
Address:   International Migration Review
City/Twon:   International Migration Review
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