India’s Emerging Relations with West Asian Countries: A Global Perspective

India as an ancient civilisation always believed in universal brotherhood, peaceful existence and harmony. It always aspired to keep its heart open for the people across the globe. The philosophy of mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence of all race, religions, faiths and community has been its primal policy of foreign relations. It has always contributed to world civilization and has also been enriched by global cultures and civilizations. From the time immemorial, India and the countries of West Asia have been in constantly connected in terms of exchange of knowledge, goods, ideas, resources and cultures. Indo-West Asian relations have been on a distinctive trajectory with the massive movement of people from India to the West Asian Countries and vice-versa in the form of pilgrimage or labor migration. A large number of Indian expatriates in different parts of the region are the best example of a sound relationship between the two regions. In the backdrop of popular uprisings in the Arab world, the region has witnessed great sociopolitical unrest. Historically, this region has remained a volatile one because of internal, regional and global issues. It has remained the most happening place in many contexts. It has the privilege to be the cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of the most influential religions namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The geostrategic importance, enormous energy reservoirs and historical background of West Asia have made it the central point of discussion today arena of academia.

Time and Place:

Date:   Monday, Jan 27, 2020
Venue:   Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
City/Twon:   New Delhi
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