Regular Pathways and Irregular Migration

People’s Migration Challenge: ROUND 4:
Regular Pathways and Irregular Migration 
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Today, 21 September 2021 (Tuesday) @ 03:00 PM Central European Time/ 06:30 PM India Time/09:00 PM Manila Time/09:00 AM New York Time/11:00 PM Sydney, NSW/02:00 PM Nigeria Time
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Join us in the fourth round of virtual meetings. Local government authorities from across the regions will engage with civil society on the 1-pager discussion brief and postcards. As panelists, we will hear from local government authorities about their reflections on the consultative dialogue process and its outcomes.
Simultaneous interpretation in ARABIC, ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH

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Date:   Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
Venue:   zoom
Address:   zoom
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