Forced Migration Review

Type:   Journal

Focus Area:   Refugees, internally displaced persons and stateless persons around the world

Brief Description:   Forced Migration Review (FMR) is the most widely read publication on forced migration – available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and free of charge in print and online. It is published by the Refugee Studies Centre in the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Through FMR, authors from around the world analyse the causes and impacts of displacement; debate policies and programmes; share research findings; reflect the lived experience of displacement; and present examples of good practice and recommendations for policy and action. FMR is usually published three times a year, and each issue has a feature theme.

Affiliation:   University of Oxford

Address for Communication:   Forced Migration Review Refugee Studies Centre Oxford Department of International Development University of Oxford 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB, UK [email protected]


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