Social Network among Filipinos diaspora is very strong: Dr. Rowell D. Madula

Published Date:   Saturday, Feb 20, 2016

Social Network among Filipinos diaspora is very strong: Dr. Rowell D. Madula

Today, there are around 3,500 Filipinos leaving the Philippines everyday to look for a better job or a better life. A number of Filipino families seek migration to another country as one of few means to achieve social mobility. In the past decades, the government’s labor export policy has pushed many Filipinos to find jobs overseas. One of the strategy that Filipinos do to achieve their economic and social mobility is related to the strong transnational network. Giving example of Filipinos in Venice, Italy Dr. Rowell D. Madula, Associate Professor, De La Salle University Manila, Philippines said that Filipinos negotiate to maintain and in forming their Filipino identity while living and integrating with an Italian society.

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