ASA International Migration Section Sessions at the 2013 ASA Annual Meeting

Published Date:   Monday, Nov 05, 2012

 American Sociological Association (ASA) International Migration Section Sessions  at the 2013 ASA Annual Meeting  

Program Organizer: Min Zhou (Chair-Elect), UCLA   

Regular Session
“Immigration and Educational Inequality”  Organizer and Presider:  Silvia Pedraza <[email protected]>, University of Michigan  
Immigration is related to educational inequality in multiple ways. In this session we seek papers that explore 1) the impact migration has on the educational system – e.g., immigrant children have to be taught through bilingual edu- cation programs by teachers that have to be trained in multicultural ways; schools have to be made accessible to children and adolescents through particular tuition programs as well as credit transfers; familial involvement and pressure varies across groups, all of which impact the immigrants’ performance and attainment; and 2) the impact the educational system has on the migrants – e.g., placing obstacles (legal or financial) in their way or putting pro- grams in place that enable young people to gain admission and to achieve graduation. We welcome papers that focus on the American experience; that compare other nations; and that compare various immigrant groups as well as generations.  
Regular Session
“Transnationalism and Diasporas” Organizer and Presider: Luis Eduardo Guarnizo <[email protected]>, University of California, Davis  
Migrants’ transnational engagement with their ancestral homelands has been recognized as a significant force af- fecting and being affected by migrants’ incorporation abroad and the local and national development of their homelands. Migrants and their organizations have helped change the way in which politics is conducted, societies are organized, and the economy is developed. This session seeks papers that analyze the emergent forms and pat- terns of transnational and diaspora-homeland interactions with a focus on political participation and homeland development. 
Regular Session
“New Patterns of Emigration and Immigration” Organizer and Presider:  Zai Liang <[email protected]>, University at Albany, SUNY  
This session explores new patterns of emigration and immigration that have emerged or intensified in the 21st century with a focus on the global South and south-to-south migrations. This trend raises a new set of research questions and in some cases challenges traditional theoretical paradigms of migration. In this session, we especially encourage submission of papers that examine the driving forces of this new pattern of international migration, ad- aptation processes for immigrants, and consequences for immigrant-sending and receiving countries/ communities.  
Roundtable Session
“International Migrations: Diverse Patterns and Experiences” Organizer: Min Zhou <[email protected]>, University of California, Los Angeles  
The roundtable session is open to current research findings, novel theoretical ideas, and innovative methodological breakthroughs related to migration studies. While we encourage IM Section members to submit finished papers, we are also looking for original and pioneering work in progress. We stress that once their papers are accepted, authors should make a firm commitment to attend the session.   
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